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Meet Kristin
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Meet Kristin Finstad, CVT, SAMP

Kristin has worked in the veterinary field for over

30 years, and has been a devout animal lover and advocate for many more! After focusing the last fourteen years on Veterinary Rehabilitation & Hydrotherapy, she now owns her own hydrotherapy facility where she continues to serve, and help to improve the quality of life in all the dogs that she loves so much. Kristin takes the relationship with her clients and their pets to heart, developing a deep bond and a personal commitment to each of them. 

When she's not helping her canine friends at her hydrotherapy facility, you might find Kristin volunteering for an animal rescue, doing free pet nail trims, or enjoying her country home with three goats, two roosters, her dog Clyde, and her two rescue cats, Chirp & Moxie.

Why Hydrotherapy?

Why Hydrotherapy?

Neurologic Deficits & Paralysis

Warm water therapy provides sensory stimulation to the nerves, increases circulation, and improves balance through engaging the core muscles. This type of strengthening improves confidence in a dog who may feel unstable on land.

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Post-Operative Recovery

Hydrotherapy provides a safe environment for your dog to gradually return to normal activity after surgery.

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Non-weightbearing and buoyant aerobic exercise, with no joint impact in the arthritic dog, is something that can't be achieved on land. Water resistance is a great way to build and retain

muscle mass in your senior friend.

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Geriatric Conditioning

For pets who have been compensating for weakness, swimming relaxes tight muscles while strengthening.



When our Sheltie, Molly started to show signs of a debilitating condition, we were at a loss.  Our beloved family member was slowly losing the use of her back legs.  We didn’t know how to help her.  We sought the help of several veterinarians, and one enthusiastically referred us to Kristin.   

She immediately put us at ease and gave us hope that Molly’s quality of life could be sustained for many years to come.  And it was!  Molly saw Kristin regularly and maintained her mobility far longer than otherwise would have been possible.  Kristin is very experienced and knowledgeable and is completely dedicated to the health and welfare of the pets she serves.  She is a true friend to all animals.  I recommend her without reservation to anyone seeking recovery and fitness related care for their pets.

Trista Bensel

Contact Info


360 - 200 - 8019


20413 NE 29th Ave, Ridgefield, WA 98642


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Assisted Hydrotherapy
Heated Therapy Pool
Underwater Treadmill
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